Sunday, July 31, 2011

So this past weekend I went to a scrapbook retreat (celebrating my 50th birthday!) and I told myself this was about my other addiction, scrapbooking, not tangling.  I had a couple of special projects I wanted to work on, so I didn't even pack my Zentangle supplies.  And I was content and happy focusing on my scrapbooks and thinking about getting caught up with my pictures.  I really wasn't having ZT withdrawal  until a very dear friend presented me with some of the new black and white ATC tiles.  I've been anxious to play with the sizes and have it on my to do list to order some.  But, oh, once I held them in my hands, I was dying to Tangle!  I stuck to scrapbooking and packed them away very carefully to enjoy when I got home.

And now, back home and back to reality - a little bit of laundry, grocery shopping, getting ready for the work week, updating this blog, etc. - and I still don't have the time to play because I want to take my time and truly appreciate the gift and experience.  So, tomorrow, the crock pot pork chops will be ready when I get home and as soon as dinner is cleaned up, I get to go to one of my happy places! And I plan to post those, too.

I did the piece in the photo earlier this week, and didn't like it at the time.  But after a second glance this evening, I decided I do like it, so here it is.

Good night!


  1. We are our own worst critics. This is wonderful!! I have been trying out the ATC cards for the past week - it is an adjustment because of the size, but lots of fun once you get the feel for them.

  2. Your tangle looks great !! :D